In 1999, GSG officially began working in the former Soviet Union through nationals that had connection into the communities that desperately needed hope. Prior to that while attending Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Mark Reimschisel began to have a sense that working with nationals would be a strategy to use to impact the world. Through global contacts and family and friends in Wichita, Kansas, he began to build an organization that partnered with other international organizations that were working in the region to provide education, sponsorships, materials, and much needed humanitarian aid.

GSG has worked in ten countries and has been involved in many strategic projects accomplishing much, in that multiple thousands of people’s lives have had value added to them in their communities around the globe. Additionally, through the use of internet technology even wider opportunities were presented to bring hope to the unreached people of the world. In 2016, the vision of GSG expanded to include other countries around the globe and to focus in on mentoring, resourcing, and networking.